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April 15, 2021 7:00 PM
Drake Jensen - Pieces of You Release
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About Drake

“Unmistakably country, but with a certain sonic majesty … he sings with open throated confidence and clear conviction. A winner. " - Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine, Nashville TN

This was the beginning for Drake Jensen’s career as not only a Country Music artist but also a leader in the LGBTQ community, with the launch of his first album, “On My To Finding You” in 2011, and including the first video featuring an LGBTQ love theme, which caught the attention of Andy Towle of Towleroad, who named one him of the Top 50 Comings Out of 2012.

Since then, using his music and growing fame as a launching pad, he released three more studio albums: “OUTlaw” in 2013, “Retro” in 2014 and “Sideshow” in 2018.  Some of the more notable releases include “Scars That you Can’t See”, the anti-bullying single in June 2013, launched at Nashville’s Hard Rock Café during Nashville Pride; and “Where Ever Love Takes Us”, which charted on the Australian Country Top40 in December 2016; and was turned into the line dance “Waves of Love” by renowned Irish choreographer Gary O’Reilly.

This notoriety earned Drake Jensen recognition for his contribution to the LGBTQ Community, including a notable amount of space in the Country section of the book “David Bowie Made Me Gay – 100 Years of LGBTQ Music History” by Darryl W Bullock.  He was invited to perform at the book’s official launch in London in September 2017, as well as participate in a discussion panel with other notable guests during the event.

But the music is only one part of the artist’s work.  Part of his artistry is in his videos where he demonstrates a keen and evolving sense of style and imagery.  As an activist, he has raised awareness to the anti-bullying movement, and held very successful fundraisers for various causes.

One of Drake’s missions is to collaborate with and help promote other LGBTQ artists, namely fellow Canadian artist Patrick Masse, with whom he recorded “Go Your Own Way” in 2017.

His latest release, “Burn The Floor”, is an innovative, modern country tune borne out of the collaboration between Drake and Nova Scotia LBGTQ singer/songwriter/producer Jon Hemingway; and Rob Preuss, former keyboardist of The Spoons and Honeymoon Suite, and former Associate Musical Director for Mamma Mia on Broadway.

Drake Jensen remains to be a driving force, and a man on a mission, to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ Community and Country Music.

Nashville producer Kim Copeland describes Jensen’s vocals as “warm, rich and unique” and these qualities are what prompted her to work with him on this project.

Jensen’s vocal style is an earthy combination of Cape Breton grass-roots country with a strong draw to a vintage, organic platform of sound.

Drawing on his ability to spin a yarn, wind it around a note and tie it all with honest emotion and raw passion, Jensen’s music is driving him ever forward, on the road to recognition as a dexterous country vocalist and a force to be reckoned with in the country music genre.

Jensen’s first album contains all original material, some penned by him, all hand-picked for their emotional connectivity and lyrical impact. Once the smoke clears from the walk-on process, the world will see a man on fire and a future made brilliant by sheer passion for the music.


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